Gorgeous pregnant woman in a green flowy dress at the Botanical Gardens in Denver after her Aurora midwives appointment.

3 Aurora Midwives-Providing Compassionate Pregnancy Care

When it comes to the health of yourself and your baby, you will go to any lengths to keep them safe and healthy, right?  That level of nurture begins from the moment of conception.  And at the moment of conception comes the moment you have to choose what sort of maternity care is best for your growing child.  A good midwife will provide you will the personal, hands-on care that will make your 9 months of pregnancy as smooth and safe as possible.  I have compiled a list of the 3 best rated Aurora Midwives for you to consider for yourself and soon to be bundle of joy.

3 Top Rated Midwives Near Aurora, Colorado For Stellar Pregnancy Care

UC Health Center for Midwifery-Anschutz Campus

More and more women are choosing to hire midwives to provide them with more personalized care during their pregnancies.  The team of Board-Certified Midwives at UC Health have all been extensively trained and are experienced in all areas of medical care for midwifery.  They offer personalized care to help promote wellness and well-being as your child grows, and you the opportunity to rest easy knowing you have the best care possible.  UC Health’s team of midwives not only care for pregnant mommas to be, but they provide care to women from adolescents all the way through menopause.  Their comprehensive care teams allow you the freedom to familiarize yourself with a professional up until the day you deliver your baby.  Being comfortable and building trust in your care team is what UC Health Midwifery Services is all about.

Visit UC Health Center for Midwifery-Anschutz Campus today and begin the journey of a lifetime that will create memories you will cherish forever.

Aspen Roots Midwifery LLC.

What can I say?  The name of this treasured midwifery center says it all, “Intuition is the ability to understand or know something without conscious reasoning.” To a lot of women, pregnancy and birthing is a completely foreign feeling.  It comes with a lot of fear, anxiety, and unknowns that leave some soon to be moms feeling completely overwhelmed. At Aspen Roots Midwifery this feeling will dissipate entirely, as their team will help you grow your knowledge and educate on the basics of pregnancy and giving birth.  During this time you will grow as a person, expecting mother, and ultimately when the time comes, as a mom.  Remember, the journey of being pregnant is a marathon, not a sprint, so enjoy it while you can because 9 months can go fast.

Please go and check out Dr. Heidi Cohen, CPM, at Aspen Roots, and let her help guide you on a powerful journey you will remember for a lifetime.

Future momma posing in her forest green maternity dress at the botanical gardens in Denver, Colorado.

Holding Light Midwifery

It’s completely normal to feel rushed, panicked, or even downright scared when visiting a new healthcare professional.  After all, having a baby of your own can be quite the anxiety-inducing experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  Dr. Baca at Holding Light Midwifery is quite the expert in providing education and compassionate pregnancy care to all whom seek out her services.  You will not be left in the dark about anything regarding the health of yourself or your growing fetus while under her care.  Her medical guidance is based on trust and a strong foundation that will not be broken even after your delivery.  Are large birthing centers or hospitals not really your cup of tea?  No problem!  What makes Dr. Baca unique is that she even offers services for home births as well so you can labor and deliver in the comfort of your own home.

Aurora Midwives

Sometimes in life we get overwhelmed and discouraged by having “too many options.” This doesn’t have to be the case when choosing who hire to guide you through life’s most precious gift, carrying a child of your own.  I strongly encourage you to visit any of these 3 amazing Aurora midwives for all of your maternity needs.  Don’t let this moment instill fear or anxiety into your mind, instead, allow any of these 3 midwife centers to breath excitement and hope into your heart as you go through this incredible journey.

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