Newborn baby posing in beautiful floral hoop swing. Mom came from the Denver baby boutique.

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While parenthood is undoubtedly filled with amazing adventures, one of the more fun aspects is getting to do a little retail therapy with your little one. For whatever reason, stocking up on kids’ clothing is way more thrilling than filling up your own wardrobe. As a family, we’re always searching for a great Denver baby boutique that lets us support the local economy while finding adorable clothes our kids will love. If you’ve been searching for the best place throughout the city for your family, we’re here to tell you about a few of our faves! 

4 Denver Baby Boutiques to Find the Most Adorable Brands and Products

Real Baby

Real Baby is a family-owned boutique that’s been in business for over 20 years. This cute shop in the Berkley neighborhood carries the best styles. You can find brands such as Alice + Ames, Angel Dear, Magnetic Me, and more! The shop comprises functional yet modern styles. From breezy dresses to patterned pajamas, the store has everything you need for your child’s wardrobes! While you’re there, be sure to check out their toys, books, and cozy bedding section!

Baby At Ease

While Baby At Ease might say they’re focused on essential bedtime clothes, their pajamas are so adorable your baby can rock them anywhere! From glamorous leopard print to quaint flowers, their patterns are truly dreamy. Many of the pajama sets come with matching hats. The shop sells natural bath products to help your baby start winding down in the evening. On top of their excellent products, the shop believes in giving back to the community. They take lightly worn things and provide free laundry service to their quarterly subscribers in the 80222 zip code. Talk about a company you can feel great about!



Broomtail is a shop designed with the Instagram aesthetic baby in mind. All their products are positively lovely and come from brands such as Rylee + Cru, Quincy Mae, and Noble. And while the store might focus on the newest trends, that doesn’t mean your baby can’t have fun! You can find colorful overalls, horse prints, and dresses with ukuleles. The shop also carries women’s dresses so you can match your little one!

Mountain Cub

Mountain Club is a boutique designed for the baby on the go. The founders wanted to create a space where you could find clothes for being active while having plenty of options for going out on the town. You can find comfy sweatshirts, functional joggers, and the coolest sunglasses. The shop lets you buy a mystery bundle where you’ll receive seasonally-appropriate outfits you’ll adore! Mountain Club also has a fantastic décor section where you can buy fabulous prints for your little mountaineer.

Denver Baby Boutique

If you’re looking for a fantastic Denver baby boutique, it’s time to check out these stores! No matter your family’s style, you’ll find something you love! 

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