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4 Denver Doulas For Top Antepartum and Postpartum Care

Denver, Colorado, often hailed as the Mile High City, boasts not only breathtaking mountain vistas but also a vibrant community dedicated to holistic birthing experiences. Pregnancy, while beautiful, can instill anxiety and fear in some women, but it doesn’t have to. These 4 Denver Doulas will eliminate any guesswork you might have about your maternity care.  From guiding mothers through the throes of labor to offering invaluable postpartum care, these incredible caregivers are the unsung heroes behind countless empowering birth stories in the Denver area. Join us as we dive into some of the inspiring stories behind some of the best pregnancy and birthing care in Colorado.

4 Personable and Professional Denver Doulas You Have to Meet

Colorado Caring Doulas:

Ok, what I love most about this center is the teamwork approach the two doulas exhibit.  The owners have been friends for over 35 years, and have been doulas together since 2007.  At Colorado Caring Doulas, you can rest assured that you will be given high-quality pregnancy care from start to end.  Terri and Tammy really are compassionate about the services they offer and are certain you will experience a satisfying birth.  Reach out to Colorado Caring Doulas today and tap into the encouragement, freedom, and wisdom this doula center has to offer.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of services they offer:

  • 2 prenatal appointments
  • Breastfeeding information and support
  • Industry-leading continuous email and phone support
  • High use of advanced medical technology
  • Written birth story and pictures to help you remember that special day
  • Guaranteed back-up doula

Colorado Mountain Doulas:

This is a full-service doula service located in the greater Denver area that has a reputation for providing top notch antepartum and postpartum care.  They offer 24/7 around the clock personalized overnight postpartum care ensuring you can fully commit your time, energy, and love to your newborn baby.  Their comprehensive list of services and resources available will leave you feeling comfortable every step of the way.  This agency has over 25 years’ experience in all areas of pregnancy and birthing care. Check out Colorado Mountain Doulas today to embark on a pregnancy journey you will positively remember forever.  Check out the list below of services offered:

  • Pregnancy/birthing classes
  • Postpartum and infant care
  • Placenta encapsulation services
  • Sleep-shaping services
  • 24/7 overnight care

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My Doula Kelly:

Are you seeking a truly magical, personalized pregnancy and birthing experience, if so, then look no further than Kelly Contreras at My Kelly Doula in Denver. Not only is Kelly a compassionate and highly skilled doula but is a certified photographer as well.  You might be wondering what if Kelly isn’t available during an emergency during your pregnancy or birth, don’t worry, she has a back-up.  In fact, she has a very highly qualified back-up named, Rebekah Torres.  Beka, as they call her, is DONA certified, and is certified photographer herself.  Having a back-up ensures you will be given the highest of attention under any circumstance.  Here is a list of services offered:

  • Initial Interview
  • Prenatal meetings
  • Labor and birth services
  • Postpartum and newborn care
  • Photography services along the way-maternity and birth

Little Miss Doula:

Meet Jenna, the DONA certified Denver area Doula from sunny south Florida whose mission is to empower women during childbirth.  Jenna will educate, guide, and monitor your pregnancy journey with passion to ensure you have the best possible experience.  After all, pregnancy and childbirth are the most sacred of family and life traditions.  Visit Jenna and her team at Little Miss Doula today, and open your mind to the pregnancy and birth journey you have always dreamed of.  Jenna offers a wide variety of exceptional services including:

  • Child preparation courses
  • A virtual birth coach
  • Birth doula support
  • Postpartum care
  • Maternity and birth photography
  • Yoga

Denver Doulas

Choosing to trust a Denver doula with your pregnancy and birthing care is a very personal and important decision in your life.  It is a moment and time in your life when you truly want and deserve the best for yourself and precious child.  This list of Denver doulas will give you the best possible start in receiving the most educated, most compassionate, and ultimately the best pregnancy and birth money can buy.

After choosing your amazing doula, please do not hesitate to reach out regarding a photoshoot of your family and your precious new bundle of joy.  We are a highly experienced husband and wife team, that like your doula, truly care about your photography experience.  Time is a luxury that we cannot get back, so book your session today.  Contact us to find out more!

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