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Denver Midwives Providing Excellent Pregnancy and Delivery Care

While pregnancy is magical and life-changing, it’s also just plain weird. Your body is going through frequent changes, and adjusting can take a while. And while it might be tempting to take it out on your Google search bar, sometimes, having an expert is best. This is where midwives come in. Unlike OBs, midwives can limit how many clients they have at any time, giving them the opportunity to make longer appointments where you can ask fun questions like, “Is it normal for my nose to never stop running?” Plus, midwives are all about giving you plenty of choices throughout your labor so you can meet your little one in a way that works best for you. If you’ve been searching through the long list of Denver midwives, we’d love to tell you about some of the best! 

3 Denver Midwives Dedicated to Providing Excellent Assistance & Resources

New Leaf Midwifery

New Leaf Midwifery is a practice run by certified nurse midwife Jen Anderson-Tarver. Jen has been helping with birth since 2007 and focuses primarily on helping with home birth. She believes that birth should be a normalized and transformative experience

You’ll build a connection throughout your prenatal visits as she assesses you. She’ll provide guidance and assistance throughout labor. Following your delivery, she’ll check on you and your baby. She will provide multiple follow-up appointments to check on recovery.

Geneva Montano

Geneva Montano started as a birth worker in 2005 and has been focused on giving parents an unrivaled birth experience ever since. She believes birth is sacred and wants to do everything possible to make it a joyous moment for your family. She’ll provide care at her Englewood home office starting throughout the entire first trimester. 

Geneva will check fetal positioning, perform necessary tests, and listen to the heartbeat. She’ll be there for every step throughout labor, providing calm guidance. You’ll receive follow-up care where she’ll check on recovery and connect you with support groups to give you the community you need.

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South Denver OBGYN

South Denver OBGYN is a fantastic practice for people who might want the attention of a midwife but may not be fully committed to the idea of home birth. The midwives provide collaborative care with the physicians, allowing them to take on even high-risk patients. You can deliver from either Littleton Adventist Hospital or Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, where you can access the birthing center. 

The midwives support your decisions throughout labor and assist with epidurals if needed. Above all else, they’ll work to honor your birth plan however possible. You’ll receive comprehensive care from the midwives before, during, and after labor.

Denver Midwives

Pregnancy can be strange and overwhelming, but the right midwife will ensure you’re never stuck second-guessing anything. You’ll have all the assistance you need with any of these wonderful Denver midwives!

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