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Denver Yoga Studios-Excellent Prenatal And Kids Classes

Yoga is a wonderful practice that helps people develop strength and wellness while promoting feelings of relaxation and empowerment. These three Denver yoga studios offer a variety of classes for all skill levels and experience levels, including prenatal yoga classes and children’s yoga classes.

3 Denver Yoga Studios Providing Expert Instruction for Expectant Mothers 

Belly Bliss

300 Josephine Street

Denver, CO 80206

Belly Bliss in Denver offers comprehensive wellness services, including prenatal massage, prenatal acupuncture, prenatal chiropractic care, lactation services, prenatal and postpartum yoga classes, childbirth education, parenting classes, and much more. Expectant mothers can enjoy quality prenatal yoga classes in Belly Bliss’ beautiful Cherry Creek North Studio for a specialty class. 

Prenatal yoga classes help physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare the body for labor and delivery. Prenatal yoga classes increase strength, flexibility, and concentration while reducing fatigue and stress. These classes also help relieve back pain and other common pregnancy complaints. 

Belly Bliss also offers Baby and Me Yoga, a perfect class for busy parents. They can enjoy yoga classes while introducing their baby to yoga. This exciting class promotes bonding between caregivers and their babies and focuses on the postpartum body. Poses are always interactive with your baby. Yoga can help with a baby’s development, relieve gas, and reduce reflux and colic. This fun class is ideal for newborns and babies that don’t crawl yet.

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Yoga Center of Denver

770 S. Broadway 

Denver, CO 80209

Yoga Center of Denver features several class offerings to help guide clients through a learning process that includes the full range of asana, pranayama, and meditative practices fundamental to yoga. Students can experience a range of classes, from vigorous asanas to static holding poses to restorative stretches. 

Prenatal yoga is more than modifying poses for pregnancy. Each class focuses on a specific topic relating to pregnancy or birth, and childbirth education is seamlessly woven throughout each prenatal yoga class. Women are empowered to continuously learn about pregnancy, labor, and delivery in non-intimidating formats. 

Women can learn coping skills for labor through mindful exploration of yoga poses. Each class features poses that bring balance and alignment to the body, helping bring the baby into an optimal birthing position to ensure a less complicated birth.

ONE Yoga

5058 S. Syracuse Street

Denver, CO 80237

ONE Yoga is a studio where beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike can come together and enjoy a variety of classes tailored to their unique needs and skill sets. This welcoming studio in Denver is warm and inviting, and classes are taught by some of Denver’s most beloved teachers. ONE Yoga is a one-of-a-kind studio in South Denver’s DTC area, featuring a vibrant community of students who strive to find more strength, resilience, and peace through yoga and meditation. 

Prenatal yoga is a comprehensive class that prepares women for the beautiful labor and delivery process and the journey into motherhood. These classes increase strength, physical and mental endurance, flexibility, and breath control. Prenatal yoga can also reduce fatigue and improve relaxation, addressing common pregnancy issues such as nausea, tight hips, and heartburn. 

ONE Yoga also offers certified children’s yoga instructors teaching kids’ yoga classes. Kids of all personalities and needs can benefit from yoga. The studio’s unique approach is fun and educational, helping kids become aware of their body and mind. All classes are interactive, including postures, games, and breathwork. This class is suitable for kids ages 4-11 years old.

Denver Yoga Studios

From prenatal yoga to children’s yoga, these three Denver yoga studios offer high-quality classes taught by experienced instructors whose goal is to help everyone feel their best at all stages of life. Prenatal yoga can prepare women for labor and delivery, and children’s yoga can help kids feel empowered and strong as they practice breathwork and poses through interactive games and activities. 

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