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Glowing pregnant momma posing for her maternity session after her Boulder midwives appointment.

Boulder Midwives-Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

From the moment of conception to the birth of your little bundle of joy, the decisions you make during your pregnancy can have a lasting impact on your baby’s health. You deserve a midwife who can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy and will support you throughout your labor and birth. Unlike OBs, midwives can limit how many clients they have at any time, allowing them to make longer appointments where you can ask fun questions like, “Is it normal for my nose never to stop running?” Your midwife will be the leading professional supporting you and your baby with little to no intervention.  There are numerous Boulder midwives to choose from, but I have generated a great list of some of the best in the Boulder area for you to choose from.

4 Boulder Midwives Dedicated To Providing The Best Pregnancy Care

Intuitive Birth

Intuitive Birth’s team of experienced and compassionate midwives have the training and preparation to make your pregnancy as unique as your soon-to-be newborn.  This center offers a highly trained and educated staff to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your pregnancy and delivery.  Their competent knowledge of medical processes and procedures allow you the freedom to sit back, relax, and enjoy the miracle of pregnancy and, ultimately, birth. Midwives attend monthly meetings and training to expand their training and to continue their education to stay atop of any advances within their field.  You can rest assured knowing you will receive A+ care at Intuitive Birth and can enjoy the ride of a lifetime till the moment your little one arrives.

UCHealth Center For Midwifery

Experience holistic and personalized midwifery care with the expertise and knowledge of modern medicine.  From breastfeeding to menopausal care, this center offers it ALL.  UC Health’s commitment to providing you the best comprehensive care possible while still allowing you to enjoy the freedom of pregnancy is unparalleled.  Their entire team of Certified Midwives are up to date on the most modern of medicines and practices to ensure you enjoy a magical birthing experience.  From the moment of conception to the second you hold your new bundle in your arms, this center is there for you every step of the way.

Visit UCHealth’s Midwifery team in Boulder for all of your pregnancy and birthing needs and enjoy an experience like no other.  Having the personal and compassionate care they provide will make for a lasting experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maternity mom posing in front of the gorgeous springtime cherry blossom trees in Denver.

The Birth Center of Boulder

Don’t let the fear of the unknown cloud your ability to choose the best pregnancy care for you and your baby.  Let the experienced and educated midwives at The Birth Center of Boulder guide you every step of the way. The care they provide is enhanced by educational programs open to expectant families, including childbirth and newborn care. You will also be trained and educated on the various techniques and strategies to make sure you have the smoothest pregnancy and birth possible.

Check out their Boulder location on Folsom St. and see for yourself why they come highly recommended from expecting mommas all over Denver and Boulder.

Jennifer Dossett-Boulder Homebirth Midwifery

With over 30 years of experience in the Midwifery field, Dr. Dossett has the experience to make your pregnancy and beyond something to remember.  Her hands-on down to earth approach will leave you in awe and coming back time and time again.  Having that constant and persistent care surrounding you during this moment in your life, is something to cherish.  Dr. Dossett’s experience with in-home midwifery helps her stand out from the rest in her field.  She takes the time to really listen and to ultimately relate to your experience.  She provides what all women want during this magical time in their lives, and that’s compassion.

Boulder Midwives

Choosing your midwife is a very personal and important decision in your life.  This is a moment and time in your life when you truly want and deserve the best of the best. This list of Boulder midwives will give you the best possible start in receiving the most educated, most experienced, and ultimately the best pregnancy and birth money can buy.

Once you have chosen your midwife, let’s start thinking about scheduling maternity and newborn photos. We’re an award-winning husband and wife team who loves working with fellow parents to provide memories they’ll cherish for years. We know how important it is to document every second of this fast-flying stage, and we’re here to help you! We’d love to connect if you’ve considered booking photos to celebrate your little one! Contact us today to find out more. 





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