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Denver Lactation Consultants-Top 4 Highest Rated in Denver

Hello and welcome to our blog, where we will dive into the world of nurturing motherhood with a special focus on Mile High City’s thriving community of Denver lactation consultants. Breastfeeding can be a highly spiritual and rewarding experience for a new mother and newborn child.  Some say, a life-changing experience, but for others this bond between a mom and child isn’t always peaches and cream. Join us as we explore the stories, expertise, and compassionate care of Denver’s finest consultants.

4 Denver Lactation Consultants For Your Breastfeeding Journey

Latch Lactation, LLC:

Sharing the breastfeeding bond between a mother and child is a rewarding experience only they can understand.  Latch Lactation’s commitment to providing the help and support necessary to make your lactation connection extraordinary.  Latch’s very own Kristi Conroy has over 23 years of experience in lactation consulting and comes with a suitcase full of knowledge and experience.  Kristi’s comprehensive approach makes her a leading consultant in Denver, and she is certainly one to remember for all of your current or future breastfeeding needs.  Her personalized approach to lactation consulting ensures you will receive honest and compassionate care.

Roots to Wings Lactation:

Shannon Gill at Roots to Wings Lactation is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who has helped hundreds of families reach their lactation goals. She is available day and night, 24/7 to help ensure your lactations needs and desires are fully met.  While breastfeeding may not come easy for some women.  Shannon’s ability to personalize each client and fully understand their needs, has made her a leading consultant throughout Denver. Shannon’s own struggles with breastfeeding fueled her passion for the industry and her dedication to committing herself to the cause has helped her thrive. Reach out to Roots to Wings today and begin your special journey through the bond of breastfeeding.

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Maternal Instincts:

Having the peace of mind knowing you have day and nighttime support throughout your breastfeeding journey is crucial.  The consultants at Maternal Instincts are available 24/7 carrying with them a wealth of knowledge and experience ready hold your hand every step of the way.  Recognizing that each patient’s unique journey will require its own unique treatment is only a fraction of what makes this center special.  Having a child of breastfeeding age is a fleeting moment that comes and goes before your very eyes.  You can now be prepared and feel confident because when that moment arrives when you finally share that special moment you have always envisioned for motherhood adventure, embrace it.

Morning Star Moms:

There is no case too big or too small, too complicated or too basic for Dana!  Her vast experience in the lactation industry has earned her a stellar reputation that you can experience with just a simple phone call.  Dana is an Internationally Board-Certified Consultant as well as a Registered Nurse where she specializes in Labor and Delivery, Mom/Baby, and NICU.  So, to say she comes with a wealth of knowledge is an understatement and her credentials speak for themselves. Her experience will help you lay the foundation for the bond you seek to have with your new baby.  Welcoming a new life to the world is a miraculous journey that you deserve to embark on, so let the team at Morning Star Moms help you get there.

Denver Lactation Consultants

Choosing to breastfeed and having the confidence to do is an important decision for an expecting mother so choosing the best Denver lactation consultant is key.  It is a moment and time in your life when you truly want and deserve the best for yourself and precious child.  To be able to stare your baby in the eyes and know you’re providing them with life, is a miracle. It is a feeling that only you can understand, and you deserve to experience it. This list of Denver lactation consultants will give you the best possible start in receiving the most certified, most compassionate, and ultimately the best lactation consulting that money can buy.

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