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Things To Do In Boulder With Kids-Family-Friendly Fun

Boulder, Colorado, a city known for its majestic mountain views, vibrant nightlife, and abundance of outdoor activities, makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.  There are many things to do in Boulder with kids that the entire family can enjoy together.  Use the guide below to help you plan the perfect vacation or weekend getaway to create memories you and your family will carry forever.  So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through Boulder’s family-friendly attractions!”

Check Out These 4 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Boulder With Kids

Chautauqua Park:

Does your family love exploring the great outdoors, or does your family love to hike? If you answered yes to either of these previous questions, then Boulder is the place for you.  Chautauqau Park attracts people from all over the Boulder and Denver Metro area as it is mecca for outdoor adventures.  Keep your eyes peeled while exploring Chautauqua Park, as the area is teeming with wildlife. From deer and foxes to various bird species, encountering native fauna adds more magic to your outdoor adventure. Chatuaqua is writhing with history dating back to the 19th century.  Remnants of this historical legacy can be found in the quaint cottages and the iconic Chautauqua Auditorium, which still hosts performances and events to this very day. Visit Chautauqua Park today and enjoy the solitude and tranquility of Colorado’s natural beauty.

Pearl Street Mall:

Pearl Street Mall, located directly in the heart of downtown Boulder, has it all! With stores ranging from swanky and hip to posh and casual, Pearl Street mall has something for the whole family to enjoy. As you stroll along Pearl Street Mall, you’ll encounter a diverse mix of street performers adding a splash of entertainment to the bustling atmosphere. You’ll see everything from talented musicians to extremely skilled magicians showing off their magic to the world, to families of all shapes and sizes.  Flipping the page to the intriguing culinary seen, no visit to Pearl Street is complete until you’ve tried the cuisine.  Enjoy gourmet brunch on a patio in the sun, or a cold craft brew at one of the local award-winning breweries. No matter when you go or what you do, you will not regret taking the time to check out the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Sweet young child spinning in her yellow flowy dress.

Fiske Planetarium:

The Fiske Planetarium is nestled nice and cozy directly up against the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains. Step in, and be transported to the depths of outer space. Also, take a ride through the universe and marvel at the distant galaxies before you. The Planetarium is a staple of cosmic wonder that will leave you reeling for more. The planetarium offers a wide array of various concerts, events, live music shows, and so much more.  Arguably the most impressive feature about the planetarium is the brand new state of the art dome theatre.  With breathtaking clarity and a crystal-clear picture their cutting-edge dome will immerse you into a distant galaxy far from home. If you’re in the Boulder area or just passing through, stop in and check out the Fiske Planetarium.

CU Museum of Natural History:

The CU Museum of Natural History offers a trove of discoveries and exploratory exhibitions and fun for the entire family. From towering dinosaur skeletons to sparkling gemstones and so much more, this famed museum offers visitors an incredible journey through the natural world and its rich history. Let your imagine run wild and step into an era of wonder and discovery as you find yourself immersed into a world of ancient extinction.  The CU Museum of Natural History has one of the leading interactive and hands-on experiences that you can find.  It also has a cutting-edge research and development program that is fully committed to offering the most immersive and real-life experience possible. If you’re seeking a day of wonder, history, and rich cultural experience then check out the CU Museum of Natural History today.

Things To Do In Boulder With Kids

There is no time like time spent with the ones you love, in a place that you love.  Boulder’s eclectic scene and gorgeous views of the massive Rocky Mountains make it an oasis for adults and children alike.  The plethora of family-friendly adventures knows no boundaries.  Venture into the great unknown and experience all that the great outdoors has to offer.  Once you’ve checked out all the incredible things to do in Boulder with kids, it’s time to book your children’s photography session with our award-winning husband and wife photography team.


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